Good times

This post was a long time coming so here it is. During the week we just had a movie night, and hanged out in the city to look for a good bar to go back to.                                       We did find some good bars as seen in the picture below. Though we couldn’t stay long as we had to work the next day. We didn’t have that problem on Friday so that’s when we went out to have fun. But before that we had a nice meal at a restaurant.                              Today Luca and Brecht went for a swim. Little did they know that the rocks are sharp. Unfortunately they injured themselves while trying to get out of the water. This resulted in some cuts on their feet. Nothing too bad really. Later today we will go to the sea organ. I hope it’ll we worthwhile. I’ll tell about it in my next blog.




Some of us thought it was a good idea to go swimming in the winter.



Movie night


Hanging out mde

Trying out a bardavmde